Message from Kevin Bowers, ORCGA Board Chair:

I am pleased to announce that Doug Lapp will be joining the ORCGA as the interim President and CEO.

Doug has extensive industry experience as a 34 year employee of Enbridge Gas Distribution, serving as a senior leader in the asset and infrastructure management areas.

Doug’s broad involvement in the safety, integrity, engineering and operations fields will position him well to lead the development of the initiatives to support the newly revised ORCGA strategic plan.

Doug has been actively involved with the ORCGA through these past roles, so he joins the organization with a strong understanding of our structure and its purpose.

Please join the board in welcoming Doug to the ORCGA.

Douglas Lapp, President and CEO
Cell: 647.221.2572

Keith Begley, Manager, Activities, Logistics and Programs
Cell: 647.224.2614

Jennifer Parent, Manager Growth, Councils & Membership Services
Cell: 905.328.7063

Kimberley Sheppard, Accounting & Administrative Assistant
Local: 905.532.9836
Long Distance: 866.466.4493

Board of Directors

The ORCGA is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors.

Each Director represents our 19 stakeholder groups.

The Directors are elected by the ORCGA membership to represent their stakeholder group at approximately 6 meetings per year.

Directors typically serve a term of 2 years and then are eligible for re-election.

Current ORCGA Board of Directors:

Electrical Distribution
Rod McNeil
Plant Damage and Recovery Supervisor
Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited
Andy Blokker
Vice President
Avertex Utility Solutions Inc
Gas/Oil Distribution
Kevin Bowers
Manager, Plant Damage Prevention
Union Gas Ltd
One Call Centre
Ben Hamilton
Executive Director
Ontario One Call
Equipment Manufacturing
Dave Wulff
General Manager
Vivax Canada Inc
Terry Murphy
Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association
Michael Bastone
Partner & Commercial Account Executive
Jones DesLauriers
Leslie Elliot
Associate Director Field Operations, Damage Prevention & Cost Recovery
Bell Canada
Municipal Public Works
Linda Carkner
Program Manager ROW Information & Approvals
City of Ottawa
Road Builders
Bill Powell Jr.
Powell Construction
Safety Organization
Enzo Garritano
President and CEO
Infrastructure Health and Safety Association
Land Surveying
Garhard Auer
Jewitt & Dixon Limited
Transmission Pipeline
Karl Buchanan
Facilities Maintenance Manager
Guy Castagne
Supervisor Fuels Safety
Home Builders
Brad Gowan
Operations Manager, Utility Locates
G-TEL Engineering
Tanis Peterson
Director Regulatory Affairs
Railway Association of Canada
Electrical Transmission
Tom Kydd
Vice President Operations at Hydro One
Hydro One
Daniel Kornblum
Sr. Project Manager
Telecon Design
Member at Large
Andrew Stone
D’Orazio Infrastructure Group, HSE Manager
Representing the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association
Member at Large
Michael Jensen
Manager Central Records & Locates
Rogers Communications Partnership
Member at Large
Normand Breton
Registrar and Director, Contractor Licensing and Powerline Safety
Member at Large
John Thompson
Director Environmental Services, City of Barrie
Representing the Municipal Engineers Association
Member at Large
Tracy Teed Martin
Director, Distribution Protection and Operation Services
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.