Education and Training Committee

“The primary responsibility of the Education and Training Committee is to manage the ORCGA Damage Prevention Technician (DPT) program, including its content, certification process, and strategy. Additionally, the committee is dedicated to developing and implementing other communications to raise awareness and educate members and the public on Damage Prevention-related topics. These communications cover the ORCGA’s core curriculum, such as Damage Prevention Technician Training (DPT), Safe Excavation Training (SET) and the growing library of Tailboard Talks. The committee, made up of key stakeholders, provides advice to ORCGA staff on identifying education and training needs and approaches.”

Committee Members

Dave Wulff

Gordon Campbell
Aecon Group Inc

John Scaife
Urban X

Tony Harnett
Enbridge Gas Inc

Jason Kottelenberg
Avertex Utility Solutions Inc

John Todorovski

Rob Jollymore

Reza Habibollahi
Rogers Communications Canada