dirt report

The Common Ground Alliance developed the Damage Information Reporting Tool, a secure web application designed capture information pertaining to underground infrastructure damage.

In 2005, the tool was modified to accept information from Canadian provinces.

The Reporting and Evaluation Committee is responsible for the collection, development and management of Ontario’s damage information, published in the annual DIRT Report, as below.

The objective of the DIRT report is to provide a resource to capture damage event information and to identify the root causes of events, with the goal of reduction the number events through public education, focused damage prevention programs and improved industry practices.

The ORCGA continues to promote the use of DIRT and the DIRT Report amongst its stakeholders.

Interested in becoming a part of the Reporting and Evaluation Committee? Please send an email to office@orcga.com.

For more information on the DIRT, visit: www.cga-dirt.com.