DPT 100

This 40 hour (5 day) combined theory and technical training program will be of interest to existing utility locators, as well as those entering the locating business.

DPT 200

This is an advanced 24-hour (3 days) combined theory and technical training program designed specifically for utility locators with a minimum of three years direct industry locating experience. In order to qualify for this course, applicants must supply a signed letter from their employer on company letterhead confirming that they have the required practical locating experience, minimum 3 years. This accelerated program covers the same material as the DPT100 but with a large portion of pre-work completed prior to class.

To register for any of the above courses please complete and return the ORCGA course registration form to the ORCGA office by email: training@orcga.com.

For more information email Kim – training@orcga.com or 905-532-9836
Toll free: 1-866-446-4493

DPT Registration Form


DPT Course Fee Schedule

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